There is no room for error and amateur mistakes in our line of work, particularly when our customers’ main concern is the added value of our products, which is why the QUALITY of our products is our main guideline and concern.

In the constant search for improvements and upgrades of processes in our company, we decided to endorse them with an ISO 9001:2015 certification. These processes are fundamental for our progress and additional improvements to our products.

Apart from that, we are constantly cooperating with experts from various fields, and several universities and laboratories both in Slovenia and abroad.

All tire chains conform to the ON 5117 and ON 5119 standards, as well as our internal standards, to emphasize the key operational characteristics of an individual segment.

In addition to all the aforementioned standards, all our products are certified according to the requirements of individual markets (PIMOT), depending on the needs and demands of our customers.


Premium LINE

A range of tire chains of exceptional quality and long service life thanks to highest quality materials, a perfected manufacturing process and innovative construction.