Since its very foundation, Veriga K.F. d.o.o. has been committed to quality products and services. Our goal is to become a synonym for quality in the field of tire chains.

In addition to the quality of our products, we want to provide exceptional customer service, professional advice and quality aftersales service – and measure our success in terms of customer satisfaction.

We ensure that our products are manufactured in accordance with international standards and technical documentation.

All tire chains are manufactured according to O NORM 5117 or O NORM 5119 unless otherwise specified. In addition to the standards, we also follow a zero tolerance policy towards imperfections during the manufacturing phase.

With the responsibility towards our clients (customers), suppliers, stakeholders and employees in mind, VERIGA LESCE d.o.o. is developing the following principles for enabling profitability, sustainable growth and social responsibility:

  • corporate guidance and governance;
  • customer satisfaction;
  • continuous improvement;
  • legal and regulatory compliance;
  • following organizational standards;
  • asset management;
  • innovation;
  • responsibility towards employees;
  • responsibility towards the community/society;
  • building constructive dialogues;


By conducting internal audits, identifying risks and opportunities in the context of our business, we monitor the performance of our quality management system, and consequently ensure continuous improvement through the implementation of corresponding measures.

Moreover, we ensure quality planning, implementation and verification in all areas of our business, with a focus on preventing errors.

All our employees and everyone working for or on behalf of our company are informed and aware of this policy.

The top management must establish, implement and maintain the quality policy that is binding on all employees.


Date: September 5, 2018

Andreja Čarman