Wide range of products intended for
general and professional use in forestry.

Forests cover 31% of the global landscape, and in Europe alone, that number rises to approximately 40%. To this end, we have developed a wide range of products intended for general and professional use in forestry. With forestry being practically a year-round occupation and not as seasonal as the snow programme, it represents great potential. The VerigaFOREST range is further classified into the GreenTRACK line, represented by tracks for mobile machinery, a line of tire chains for tractors and similar machinery, and a line of choker chains and similar logging supplies, designed for harvesting wood. All products from the VerigaFOREST range are distinguished by high-quality craftsmanship and treatment, providing a long service life.


Forestry machinery is moving to ever more demanding terrains with no room for compromise. Our GreenTRACK line of tracks were developed with a specific goal in mind – to improve traction and protect the tires on all types of terrain, while minimising impact on the forest floor. Only the best exclusive materials and unique thermal treatment can ensure the highest quality of the product. A wide selection of profiles is available to suit various types of terrain.

NEW! GreenTRACK Trailer

– specifically designed tracks for log trailers with minimum weight and maximum traction in mind.


Tire chains for tractors and mobile machinery, for professional and casual use in wood harvesting and disposal. The tire chains are characterized by firm traction, vehicle stability and optimal tire protection. In addition to being manufactured from a special steel alloy, they are also heat treated, which further prolongs their service life.


Choker chains, sliders, hooks, fittings and other essential logging supplies for wood harvesting, where reliability is of the utmost importance! Logging supplies from Veriga are stress tested for extreme durability, making them your perfect companion in the woods.