Protection chains

Forged protection elements are connected with welded rings to a mesh. The quality of material used and special case-hardening ensures high wear resistance and a long service life of the protection chain. The mesh is designed as a square and has a very fine mesh. This gives us the highets level of protection also for the hardest terrains.

Our chain design offers the following advantages:

  • Maximum of machine availability by reduced maintenance and downtime
  • Best available tyre protection prolongs the service life of tyre and leads to essential reduction in costs
  • No spinning of wheels due to improved grip
  • High machine stability and better security


Informative values of the lifetime of protection chains.
The given values can be different, because they are dependent to some more factors:

  • Humidity of the rock
  • Lenght of the driven routh
  • Force of the working machine
  • Working temperature/temperature of the environment
  • The style of drive and speed
  • Topographic circumstances
  • Tension of the mounted chain
  • Maintenance of the chain

Type of rock Hardness Working hours
Magmatic rocks 6-7 3000-4000
Granite, Quarz, Porphyr
Metamorphic rocks 4-5 5000-7000
Sedimental rocks 2-4 4000-9000
Vulcanic tuff
Coal 3-4 6000-9000
Limestone 1-4 6000-15000
Other rocks
Iron ore 5-6 3000-5000
Manganese ore 7 2000-3000
Slag 4-6 4000-6000
Copper ore 5-6 3000-5000