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The profile MEGA is an upgrade of the SOFT profile. It is developed for the conditions where additional surface of tracks is necessary – on very soggy terrains and greater side stability of the machine.
• Soft and marshy terrain.
• On terrain where minimum impact on the environment and undergrowth must be ensured.
• Optimum grip on different types of ground;
• The tread has been designed to have the least impact on the forest floor;
• The tread shape enables an excellent grip between the pneumatic tyre and track;
• Option of lengthening the profile to both sides
• The structure enables automatic cleaning while driving;
• Heat-treated material, which reduces the wear of tracks.
• Option of adjusting the tension on the track;
• Simple shortening/lengthening of the track;
• As it aligns itself with the pneumatic tyre, it extends its service life;
• Option of welding additional cleats;
• Option of zincifying;
• Option of Ø22mm and Ø30mm connectors.


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710/40-22.5 Alliance 331, 710/40-22.5 Nokian Forest King F, 710/40-22.5 Nokian Nordman Forest F, 710/40-22.5 Nokian TRS, 710/40-24.5 Alliance 343, 710/40-24.5 Nokian Forest King F, 710/40-24.5 Nokian Forest King F2, 710/45-26.5 Alliance 343, 710/45-26.5 Alliance 344, 710/45-26.5 Nokian Forest King F, 710/45-26.5 Nokian Forest King F2, 710/45-26.5 Nokian NF TRS L-2, 710/45-26.5 Nokian TRS, 710/45-26.5 Tianli FG, 710/45-26.5 Tianli HF2, 710/45-26.5 Trelleborg 423, 710/45-26.5 Trelleborg 428, 750/55-26.5 Alliance 343, 750/55-26.5 Alliance 344, 750/55-26.5 Nokian Forest King F2, 750/55-26.5 Nokian TRS 2, 870/45-26.5 Alliance 344