The Veriga factory was established in 1922. Throughout history, the company manufactured various products, but mainly focused on screws, forgings, heavy anchor chains, forestry choker chains, mining transport chains and other assorted chains by the metre, ranging from 1 mm to 100 mm in thickness. Eventually, production expanded to protection chains for tractors and mobile machinery, and snow chains for passenger cars. In 1992, the predecessor of the modern car chain, RIVAL COMPACT was developed, patented and certified.

A well-planned production programme combined with supreme product quality placed Veriga among the largest manufacturers in Europe and the world, consequently making it the manufacturer of choice for several world-renowned brands of chains. At that time, Veriga employed in excess of 1500 people. In 1998, the company went through a business transformation and was renamed to VERIGA K.F., d.o.o.


The production range includes:

  • snow chains for cars, light commercial vehicles, 4×4s, trucks, tractors and mobile machinery;
  • forestry chains for tractors and mobile machinery for wood harvesting;
  • tracks for forestry machines and driven log trailers;
  • protection chains for mobile machinery;
  • trekking/hiking crampons and other sports equipment.

Today, our products can be found all over the world. With every passing year, Veriga is increasingly successful at competing with the largest global manufacturers of chains, while the company’s own brand VERIGA is also getting more and more recognition at the same time.